Kiiro no Kage

Hey guys, I’m going to spend Easter weekend at my grandparents’ house. I’m leaving now because my family is spending the night there. I’m not looking forward to it. I’ll probably be back early evening tomorrow (hopefully earlier but I don’t know about my parents. They love to talk).


Happy Birthday Naoki!

Aichi texting Kai, and talking about the usual stuff...He leaves his phone for a moment in the living room to help Emi. Shizuka notices the phone and decides to have fun by trying to impersonate her son while texting Kai.... Until Aichi comes back embarrassed at the situation.

Morning guys

Hey guys, I’m going to bed now

Good night

There is this field behind my backyard that belongs to a farmer. Usually you can hear the cows mooing every day if the weather is good. Lately though, every time I go to bed I hear the cows mooing. I hope aliens aren’t after them.

Cheer up senpai! ^^ I’m sorry that this is so horrible

Cheer up senpai! ^^ Iā€™m sorry that this is so horrible